What are Safety Mats?

Making sure the health and safety of your staff members is important in this day and age and the array of safety mats that they inventory at Commercial Matting can help you to ensure the safety of your work premises.Workers and customer safety ought to be an integral component of any workforce, and ground safety is a crucial part of guaranteeing al

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Coir Mat or Coconut Mat?

You might know a coir mat as a coconut mat, as they are made from coconut fibres. These fibres are amazingly sturdy and durable, making them perfect for scraping the dust off of footwear and also other equipment that may pass through your premises. The organic formation of the coconut bristles means they're 100% biodegradable and sustainable - they

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The Perfect Hardwearing Entrance Matting For Your enterprise

Commercial Matting are a web based distributor of commercial and domestic ground mats, with the main objective of supplying high quality matting at very competitive prices to most of the people.Their finest selling entrance matting and flooring goods are made available by way of the web site, although they are doing have a lot more items available.

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